Hypnosis - relaxation
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Introductory Offer $79
Normally $120 a session
For the first 20 calls only!
Discover modern hypnosis through relaxation.
Everyone  can  do it.
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind.
You are always in control at all times.
We all go into trance everyday without knowing.
While we're driving a car, watching a movie, going up a lift, the unconscious mind does all the work you.
Learn how to communicate with the unconscious mind. 
You'll be amazed  of all the goals you can achieve in your life!
Are you stressing?
Are you sick & tired of being overweight?
Need more confidence?
Improve performance?
Do you have bad habits?
Want to quit smoking?
What about motivation & Positive thinking?
Relaxation and Stress Reduction !
Will help you to learn to relax.
If you're the type of person that runs around everyone.
And never have time to yourself.
Through breathing and visualization
you will feel fantastic.
Self Esteem and Confidence and Motivation !
This type of hypnosis is fantastic for people that need a boost; we all go through life with our ups and downs.
With positive thinking we can do anything!
Weight loss and smoking !
You have to be 100% serious and want to give up smoking and lose weight.
If you’re not and you’re quite happy living your life smoking and being overweight don't bother, because nothing will happen !
Bad Habits, Additions !
Shopping, Over Eating, Nail Bitting !
For nervous or hyperactive people Hypnosis will be very beneficial.
Improve Performance !
Learn to achieve fantastic results for work.
Personal  and Family.
Cancellations must be done within 24 hours before
Appointments or a fee is applied.
There are no refunds of our services.
Most Important thing, there is no Guaranties of our services.
Thank you!
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